The Doughmain Education Foundation Mission Statement

DoughMain Education Foundation’s mission is to prepare today’s students for a lifetime of financial responsibility through engaging programs delivered to schools and homes.

What We Do

We believe all students deserve access to quality financial education materials. To achieve this, we’re working closely with a Team of Professional Educators to develop an interactive financial literacy curriculum that is comprehensive, flexible, and fun. This financial education curriculum, called the Financial FIT KIT, will be provided to schools at no cost. Teachers will use the FIT KIT to deliver 2.5 credit hours of required financial skills and knowledge. The FIT KIT provides videos and hands-on materials for teachers. It shows how to run a simulation mini-economy in which high school students collaborate with ”family” teams to make money decisions. Learn more about the Financial FIT KIT.

We also provide online financial games to use at home either independently or as a supplement to the Financial FIT KIT. Learn more about our online program.