Rob Church Doughmain Education Foundation


Rob Church

Acting Executive Director / Director of Engagement

Rob has more than 10 years of grassroots non-profit experience working with both national and local organizations. His dedication to community building and education  is also found through his experiences in law enforcement while serving diverse communities, and as an  educational leader, teacher and mentor at the elementary school and collegiate levels.

Rob has served as a local area leader, managing all aspects of a volunteer charitable organization, as well as the state vice president and state chairperson for an  organization whose primary mission it is to provide assistance to veterans, children with disabilities, educational scholarships and support for youth service and anti-drug and alcohol programs. 

As a New York City Police Officer, Rob received commendations for excellent and meritorious service while working within some of the most ethnically and culturally diverse communities in the world. He was recognized by the New York Police Department and the Fraternal Order of Police numerous times for excellence and meritorious service and was inducted into the Legion of Honor of the American Police Hall of Fame.

Rob has lived in New Jersey for over 15 years with his wife and three children, daughters Katherine and Elizabeth and Son William.

Nandita Goel Program Manager for DoughMain Education Foundation


Nandita Goel

Program Manager

Nandita is a creative and goal oriented experienced educator and curriculum developer with 15 years of mathematics teaching experience in traditional and individualized learning environments resulting in exemplary student results. She is highly proficient in developing and implementing curriculums, learning methods, lesson plans, assessment methods, and presentations from the elementary to university level across a wide range of mathematical disciplines.

Nandita’s professional experiences have been multilingual, multicultural and multinational which provide her with the unique understandings necessary in planning and preparing for today’s diverse educational environments. As an educator, she served as a teacher of mathematics at St. Pius and St. Laurent Adult Centers in Montreal, Canada, teaching High School Mathematics at the D.A. V. and Meenakshi Public Schools in India as well as at the collegiate level at Hindu Kanya College in Kapurthala, India.

Nandita was born in India, and has attained multiple graduate and postgraduate degrees which include a Bachelor of Education from Jammu University, Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Physics and Electronics as well as a Master of Mathematics from Guru Nanak Dev University, attaining Gold Medal and Honor Roll awards, and a Master of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics from Kurukshetra University, with distinction.

Nandita has recently re-located to Montgomery Township, New Jersey with her husband and two children.

John Croce Director of Marketing & Communications, DoughMain Education Foundation


John Croce

Director of Marketing & Communications

John is an experienced proactive management professional with a unique blend of business and creative vision strengthened by a consistent record of achievement in navigating projects through to successful completion. He has an extensive background in marketing and communications for a variety of industries which include healthcare, technology, and financial. John has successfully managed his own marketing firm for several years and has previously worked with Siemens, Fasthosts, Bowne, Price Waterhouse, Booz•Allen, Pfizer, Revlon, and NBC to name a few.

As the head of marketing, John has a proven track record of successfully working with international businesses to build & ensure a strong brand through enhanced image and communications. His expertise in traditional and online marketing & communications includes print advertising & collateral, direct mail, broadcast media, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO & website development, multi-media projects, and trade show marketing.

As a professional and creative lead, John is a marketing asset who has successfully managed internal and external resources through large-scale, complex marketing initiatives with budgets ranging from $100K to over $1 million dollars.

John was born and raised in New York City where he attended school. He graduated from the High School of Art Design where he completed a six-month internship with NBC News. John also graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design and continues his education through seminars and constant reading & learning.