Our financial literacy kit, the FitKit, is an innovative approach to financial education. It shows teachers how to create a simulation mini-economy in which students “learn to earn” in collaborative teams and apply their financial learning to make money decisions. Financial literacy content is delivered through story-based videos that provide a platform for inquiry, allowing teachers to easily tailor learning to meet student needs and interests.

Our free financial curriculum and online games equip students in the classroom and kids at home with the knowledge and confidence to manage their finances well – ultimately leading to a financially smarter, more responsible generation.

Doughmain Education Foundation School CurriculumSchool Curriculum. Provided at no cost to schools, our financial literacy kit, the FitKit, is being developed to include resources that address 19 key financial topics based on national voluntary standards put forth by the Jump$tart Coalition and the Council for Economic Education. Our curriculum is designed to meet the 2.5 high school credits required for graduation. Learn more about the DoughMain Education Foundation FitKit.



Doughmain Education Foundation Game Based LearningGame-Based Learning. Games are a great way for kids to learn financial principles while having fun. We have three game-based educational websites for kids ages 5-teens. These games are designed by educators and creative designers to help kids meet the Jump$tart benchmarks for financial literacy.