DoughMain Education Foundation has brought together an experienced group of educators to produce a comprehensive, standards-based financial literacy curriculum that meets the requirements for high school graduation. The program meets our objectives of effectiveness for students across varied learning styles, ease of use by teachers and content relevance to all socio-economic backgrounds

Topics Covered:

  • Income and Careers
  • Pay, Benefits and Deductions
  • Taxes
  • Budgeting
  • Banks and Banking
  • Savings and Investments
  • Credit
  • Insurance

Our Innovative Approach

Students Engaged Through:

  • Videos & Blogging
  • Game/Social Collaboration
  • Concise and Humorous Content
  • Relevant and Relatable Activities

Teachers Provided With:

  • Turn-Key Solution
  • Focused Resources
  • Tools for Ongoing Assessments
  • Diagnostics

School Requirements Met:

  • High School Graduation Credit
  • National Standards
  • NJ 21st Century Life and Career Skills Standards

Voice of Educators and Students


  • Designed by Experienced
    Teacher Team
  • Input from Student Team


  • Project Team from Diverse
    Educational Settings
  • Student Representation
    from Diverse Backgrounds


  • Input and Expertise of Partners
  • Vetted by Industry Experts

Our Organization is Focused on Continuous Improvement

The DMEF FitKit