Doughmain Education Foundation Sand Dollar City

Sand Dollar City is an online multiplayer game for kids aged 8-12. Set in a virtual underwater kingdom, Sand Dollar City teaches kids about opening bank accounts and credit cards, managing expenses, and saving money. Kids play as their own customized character who must rebuild the family candy store, which is in danger of bankruptcy. Smart spending and informed use of bank accounts and loans are key in this sink-or-swim world!

Doughmain Education Foundartion Sand Dollar CitySand Dollar City was built by Dubit, a creative company that has developed games for Cartoon Network, BBC, and Monty Python. The game meets many Jump$tart 4th grade and select 8th grade benchmarks. All games have been tested to ensure that they are age-appropriate, engaging, and educational.

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  • Appeals to kids aged 8-12
  • Developed by market-leader Dubit
  • Teaches about bank accounts, credit cards, saving, and budgeting
  • Meets Jump$tart 4th grade and select 8th grade benchmarks
  • Classroom-tested to engage kids