“The Fun Vault” is a collection of games designed for kids aged 5-8. The platform is designed to be fun and engaging to kids, and provide them with the basic financial skills that they will use as kids, and that will later lay the groundwork for a financially successful life.

DoughMain Education Foundation Fun VaultStudents using the platform learn important skills such as budgeting, saving money, and working toward goals. They also learn about coins, how money is made, and basic arithmetic using money.

All games have been tested to ensure that they are age-appropriate, engaging and educational.

Doughmain Education Foundartion The Fun Vault

  • Targeted towards kids aged 5-8
  • Collection of over 10 games
  • Leaderboards encourage kids to play again
  • Kids learn about budgeting, saving and coin recognition
  • Meets many Jump$tart Financial Literacy Standards K-2 benchmarks
  • Classroom-tested games are fun and engaging for kids