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To improve our country’s financial literacy rate with the goal of financial responsibility, the DoughMain Education Foundation has employed a team of experienced educators to create a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum called the Financial FitKit.

The FitKit gives students a comprehensive education in both economics as well as personal financial literacy that meets state and national financial education standards. More importantly, it makes learning about finances and the economy fun. The FitKit will be available to schools nationwide at no cost.

The FitKit has been designed to engage students through:

  • An interactive game in which students immerse themselves in a growing micro-economy: moving money, managing income, budgeting expenses, and investing in business.
  • Group activities in which students collaborate and engage in active discussion of economic choices and consequences.
  • Student-generated questions that drive instruction and connect the simulation experience to the real world.

The FitKit course has been one of the most popular classes where it has been piloted.

The Financial FitKit is flexible and easy for schools to implement:

  • A video platform will make it easy to differentiate content based on student needs and interests.
  • Teachers without a finance background can confidently introduce financial content using the story-based videos and answer student questions using the FAQ’s we provide.
  • All hands-on materials and lesson plans needed to organize and run the simulation will be provided with the FitKit and correlated to standards.
  • Pre and post assessments will be provided along with ongoing assessment tools for easy record keeping and data collection.