Throughout my time as a graphic design intern at DoughMain Education Foundation I was able to obtain a valuable amount of real work experience. That experience primarily consisted of the completion of various projects that were entrusted to me, all of which related back to my focus of graphic design.

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My name is Yasmine Perry and I am a Grant Research/Writing Intern for DoughMain Education Foundation (DMEF). DMEF is a nonprofit organization that develops financial literacy curriculum for high school students. Their mission is to strive for financial responsibility one student, one classroom and one school. This mission statement resonated with me because change is gradual not instantly. DoughMain has a goal of educating youth in financial literacy, with this in mind they have begun to build a curriculum to foster competency of personal finance that is needed in our country.

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During the course of the internship, I learned many skills from my three-month internship in DoughMain Education Foundation. They also provided experiences that I will not be able to gain from any other organization. My goals as an intern in DoughMain is to learn teamwork in a workplace environment and learn different skills that I will not learn in university.

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Going into this internship, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I was prepared enough for the tasks I would have to complete. I was both nervous and excited to lead a team, but afraid that I wouldn’t have all of the answers because I didn’t have much experience. I think that throughout this internship I learned that not having all of the answers all of the time is ok, I was able to put myself out of my comfort zone and I was able to use my skills outside of the classroom in a professional environment, which is something I have never had the chance to do before.

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I have had the wonderful pleasure to work with you all for the past several months and I will miss working here. Ever since the beginning, when we started working on the FLC Golf Outing 2016, this position has allowed me to gain skills in organization, learning about people, whether through an interview or working with them, and has allowed me to expand me as a person.

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