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Wednesday, 25 February 2015 19:41

Who Needs Financial Education?

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Of course, we’re a little biased. But money is everywhere and everyone should know how to interact with it. As debt to China continues to rise and our ceiling continues to rise with it, money issues become both more pressing and more relevant than they have ever been. Students deserve to be fully equipped with the knowledge to navigate an increasingly complex and globalized economy.

doughmain financial education

The DoughMain Education Foundation held a meet and greet at its office, 189 Wall Street, in order to bring the tenants of Research Park together for a chance to network and get to one another. Organized by the foundation interns, the event allowed the organization to share and promote its mission while also learning about the work and goals of other local businesses and professionals.

Doughmain Education Foundation Networking Event

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 19:41

The Importance of Financial Literacy

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In light of the recent financial crisis, it’s obvious that financial education is important. In fact, had consumers been more financially literate, perhaps the 2008 crisis could have been, if not altogether averted, at least reduced in severity.

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Sunday, 01 March 2015 19:41

Following in Family Footsteps

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Andrea Catsimatidis has followed in her parents' footsteps. The daughter of John and Margo Catsimatidis hosted a cocktail party to raise money for DoughMain Education Foundation. The younger Catsimatidis is not only passionate about the organization, she is also a member of the Board.

The Catsimatidis supporting Doughmain Education Foundation

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 09:32

Student Loan Debt

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Did you know that America's student loan debt goes up $3,055 every second? In the time it took you to read that statement, this debt has gone up another $9,165.

Student Loan Debt Rises Daily

Our school systems are responsible for shaping the minds of our youth and molding them into working class citizens. They are taught about history, math, and even how to be physically active. A very important “life skill” is often missed entirely by our education system. I have wondered for years why our schools do not “arm” their students with basic information regarding personal finances.

DoughMain Education Foundation Financial Literacy